We also do online work boot, cowboy boot, or shoe repair or restorations. Put them in a box and send them to us Palace Shoe Repair, 204 N Main St, Rockford, IL. 61101 You can call us at 815.962.6514 for prices. USA Canada Mexico.
Rockford  Area shoe repair, work boot repair, new shoes , and new work boots.


We sell the US American Made Thorogood Work Boots at our down town Rockford location. The reason I like selling them is because if the bottom fall off I can put new bottoms on them here at my shop. All the leather is beautifull, made to last, and of the highest quality. We don’t send our work boots out to anybody for repairs. We do all work boot rebuilds and repairs right here inhouse. People send there boots to us from all over North America for repair or sometimes they want there favorite pair of work boots or cowboy boots to look like they are new again. We also repair any other major work boot or cowboy boot brands. You name it we will fix it.

Thorogood work boots are extremely comfortable. We have been selling them for years now. Over tens of tousands of new thorogood work boots have left our shop. I have yet to find anyone who did not like them. Many of our customers perfer them to Red Wing work boots because the worker’s boots we carry in our shoe and boot repair shop are made in the good old USA. Many of our customers want to support american workers and keep jobs here in the states. They show there colors by buying our thorogood work boots. Thorogood boots are made to last, and are extremely comfortable.