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Do You Need New Shoes or Boots?

It’s that time of year again: shoe and boot buying season. There are all types and styles to choose from, but finding the best fitting shoes or boots requires some thought. While you’re deciding, think of where you will be wearing them and for how many hours each day. What might look great on you may not be so practical when you’re running to and from your 9 to 5 job. Your shoes or boots only last if you take care of them. Your feet will be around for a lifetime. You also need to take care of them.

Follow these tips when you shop for your next pair of shoes or boots!

  • Try on the shoes or boots with the type socks you plan to wear with them.
  • Look for shoes or boots that offer stability, preferably something with a wider heel. Heels that are too high are best. Narrow wide can put a lot of pressure on your feet.
  • Make sure the shape of the foot wear is wide enough for a comfortable fit on your feet. Some shoe or boot designs can be too narrow and can cause blisters and bunions.
  • Choose boots or shoes with a firm heel. Just because the foot wear fabric covers your ankle does not mean it provides proper support.
  • Buy a pair of boots or shoes that feel comfortable after you have walked around the store in them.
  • Select a boot or shoe with a rubber sole and traction on the bottom to prevent slipping.

Consider the material. “During the winter months, the feet tend to sweat more because shoes or boots are enclosed and people wear thick socks. “Make sure the boot or shoe you select are leather, moisture is better absorbed over most synthetic material.

Repairing or buying shoes, or boots?

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